5 Best Whatsapp Features which you should know in 2016

Ever imagined a day without Whatsapp? The day would be super boring right? After all, it connects us with our family, friends & other contacts. It has become one of the important assets of our daily lives.If you are not whatsapp user and want to download it right now then click here.

Whatsapp has also become one of the trend setters in the world today. Almost everyone is or wants to be on Whatsapp, & why not? It’s so fun. It kills the time & most importantly, it can be used from anywhere, anytime, on the go.

Having over 1 billion users worldwide, this messenger is widespread in 180 countries.Whatsapp came up woth lots of features but we are going to discuss here which very few people know whatsapp has features like whatsapp dp,whatsapp voice call or audio call whatsapp status,msg read ticks and etc which we are well aware & use almost all time but their are few whatsapp features which we don’t know so lets roll ahead and check them out.

new whatsapp features

But do you know all the basic things about this global phenomenon? Stick to this article to know about it all.

Things to know About Whatsapp

Whtasapp was founded as an alternative for SMS by Jan Koum & Brian Acton in 2009. The makers had previously worked at Yahoo, before starting the company. In 2014 Whatsapp joined hands with Face book.

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Whatsapp is an instant messenger that sends text messages, audio messages, pictures, videos & documents etc. with the help on data connection or Wi-Fi connection only. This social messaging app is available in 3 platforms mainly, Google Play for Android, Store for Windows & App Store for iOS devices.


  • The first feature about this instant messenger application has to be its text message support. It’s a messenger after all text messages are the number one format that everyone prefers.
  • Secondly, the audio messaging facility. Now, before whatsapp came into existence audio messages was just like a dream for us. Some of us couldn’t even think of such. But here it is now & that too with a very good sound clarity & just in a click.
  • The next feature that I’m going to say has totally changed the whole messaging formats or I better say nobody saw it coming. Yes, the picture messaging. This is a very good & innovative idea that the Whatsapp team came up with. Now sharing pictures is so easy.
  • Ever thought of sharing videos with your contacts? Whatsapp made it possible. Video messaging is also a very innovative idea these guys came up with. Sure geniuses.
  • Last but not the least; documents could also be shared using this instant messenger. What else do we need? But that’s not all. There’s more to it,
  • Group messaging. You can easily create groups to message to multiple users in your contact simultaneously at the same time. Chatting has never been better!

So, the above stated points are some of the features of this amazingly wonderful application. But there are some few more features of it.

  • Profile pictures can always be added or removed, in just a few taps on your mobile screen.
  • You can add a status every time you want.
  • When you feel offended by any other user or if you don’t want anybody bothering you, you also get a Block option available.

Over all, this is one heck of an app. This has to be undoubtedly, the best messenger of all. I would suggest all to use this app because it is of great help, & most importantly, its fun, entertaining, and sometimes educational (if you share something worthy of course). But having that said, I would also suggest you all to be safe, & to use it in a better way & not in an offensive way for any misdeed or misconducts, after all it’s our duty & responsibility to make the world better in every possible way.

I hope this article was of help to you. Thanks for being here. Be safe