5 Best Whatsapp Features which you should know in 2016

Ever imagined a day without Whatsapp? The day would be super boring right? After all, it connects us with our family, friends & other contacts. It has become one of the important assets of our daily lives.If you are not whatsapp user and want to download it right now then click here.

Whatsapp has also become one of the trend setters in the world today. Almost everyone is or wants to be on Whatsapp, & why not? It’s so fun. It kills the time & most importantly, it can be used from anywhere, anytime, on the go.

Having over 1 billion users worldwide, this messenger is widespread in 180 countries.Whatsapp came up woth lots of features but we are going to discuss here which very few people know whatsapp has features like whatsapp dp,whatsapp voice call or audio call whatsapp status,msg read ticks and etc which we are well aware & use almost all time but their are few whatsapp features which we don’t know so lets roll ahead and check them out.

new whatsapp features

But do you know all the basic things about this global phenomenon? Stick to this article to know about it all.

Things to know About Whatsapp

Whtasapp was founded as an alternative for SMS by Jan Koum & Brian Acton in 2009. The makers had previously worked at Yahoo, before starting the company. In 2014 Whatsapp joined hands with Face book.

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Whatsapp is an instant messenger that sends text messages, audio messages, pictures, videos & documents etc. with the help on data connection or Wi-Fi connection only. This social messaging app is available in 3 platforms mainly, Google Play for Android, Store for Windows & App Store for iOS devices.


  • The first feature about this instant messenger application has to be its text message support. It’s a messenger after all text messages are the number one format that everyone prefers.
  • Secondly, the audio messaging facility. Now, before whatsapp came into existence audio messages was just like a dream for us. Some of us couldn’t even think of such. But here it is now & that too with a very good sound clarity & just in a click.
  • The next feature that I’m going to say has totally changed the whole messaging formats or I better say nobody saw it coming. Yes, the picture messaging. This is a very good & innovative idea that the Whatsapp team came up with. Now sharing pictures is so easy.
  • Ever thought of sharing videos with your contacts? Whatsapp made it possible. Video messaging is also a very innovative idea these guys came up with. Sure geniuses.
  • Last but not the least; documents could also be shared using this instant messenger. What else do we need? But that’s not all. There’s more to it,
  • Group messaging. You can easily create groups to message to multiple users in your contact simultaneously at the same time. Chatting has never been better!

So, the above stated points are some of the features of this amazingly wonderful application. But there are some few more features of it.

  • Profile pictures can always be added or removed, in just a few taps on your mobile screen.
  • You can add a status every time you want.
  • When you feel offended by any other user or if you don’t want anybody bothering you, you also get a Block option available.

Over all, this is one heck of an app. This has to be undoubtedly, the best messenger of all. I would suggest all to use this app because it is of great help, & most importantly, its fun, entertaining, and sometimes educational (if you share something worthy of course). But having that said, I would also suggest you all to be safe, & to use it in a better way & not in an offensive way for any misdeed or misconducts, after all it’s our duty & responsibility to make the world better in every possible way.

I hope this article was of help to you. Thanks for being here. Be safe

Pro Ana Tips to lose weight fast

If you too happen to be one health conscious person who really would love to know all the pro ana tips to lose weight fast, then this article is just meant for you.

With the bulk of the population currently restricted within the confinement of something which they can’t get off from, they are attempting onerous to earn the daily healthy lifestyle.

All the excess amount of weight and pounds on your body may be difficult for you to lose if not brought beneath check before running out of the time. Losing weight merely follows the principle of losing a lot of the calories than you consume. However, that sounds old-fashioned as in today’s quick and moving world results with relevancy however fast they are available matters the foremost. With just a little bit of good work additional to the conventional weight loss procedure, will enhance the result by various turns.

best pro ana tips to lose weight fast

Physical Workouts

Yes, if you’re simply ready to do a number of the most effective physical workouts, then congrats, you’re on the proper track of losing weight chop-chop. Even supposing you recognize that losing weight isn’t a fast method, however still if you’re simply ready to do this stuff and exercise usually, then your body would once more be in an exceedingly excellent form and you’d be ready to live a healthy life yet again.

Drink a lot of water

We have already mentioned lots regarding drinking a lot of water and let us make sure that you know the fact that drinking lots of water regulates the flow of blood in your body and it’s quite useful within the end of the day. You’d be ready to live a healthy life simply if you’re quite habitual to drinking water. Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily and build it a routine in your professional ana tips to slim down.

build a diet chart

Well a diet chart is that the best choice for you throughout your pro ana diet and if you’d like to scale back weight quite quick than doing the rest here, then we might like to tell you that a diet chart would assist you lots during this case and above all, you’ll be able to exclude all those foods that are oily and increase the number of fats and steroid alcohol in your bodies.

wake up and sleep early

This tip too is the best once it comes for skilled recommendation. If you’d like to understand the mantra of how folks slim down quite quick than you are doing, then we might prefer to tell you that the full arrangement for them is that they sleep early similarly as they wake up early, simply because it’s a universal reality and helps your body a lot. Trust us here.

Monitor your intake of calories

Well the last thing here is that you simply ought to monitor the number of calories you’re taking in whenever you eat something. If the amount gets high, well you must most likely manage it as they’re quite accountable in increasing your weight to such extents where you’ll not love it. Moreover, simply build a diet plan and a diet chart to keep hold of your diet and the food that you intake.

5 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Are you looking for free movie download sites to watch movies online? Then you’ve came to the right webpage. These days Bollywood, Hollywood, and International movies has becoming so much popular in all over the world and you always look for different types of movies in several sites. But you can’t find out the movie you want watch or some sites are paid version. Don’t worry because I’m going to give you 5 best free movies streaming and movie downloading site on which you can watch movies for free.

There are thousands of free movie streaming sites in the internet world, but it is hard for you to select the best one as your best free movie streaming site. When you get bored, you go for TV to watch movies, but you don’t get your favourite movies to watch, and all the TV shows telecast in the certain times and dates. From now on you’ll not get bore anymore; you’ll get your favourite movies to watch for free using by 5 best free movie streaming sites. You’ll get many different movies and shows in these 5 best free movies streaming sites.

Here Are Some 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites You Can Try Out:

  • WolowTube

WolowTube is one of the most popular and highly recommended free movie streaming site so far. You can watch your favourite movies for free in here, and it has currently more than 30,000 films in the content. All the movies are listed in the content according to their categories such as, Romantic, Emotional, Drama, Historical, Action and many more. You’ll get almost all the movies in HD quality including T.V. serials and shows. It gives you updated and recently launched movies. So, you can pick this free movie streaming site to watch free movies.

  • PrimeWire

This is the another best and most used site by millions of people. PrimeWire allows you to watch lots of free movies in HD quality along with T.V. shows, and it also gives you updated or latest movies. you can also choose your movie category that you want to watch such as, Emotional, Action, Horror and many more.All the movies are listed in content and you’ll get latest or recently released movies.you can also check out here review of top 10 free movie songs music streaming downloading website

  • Movie4k

You can choose this one for to watch free movies through online as well as Movie4k is the best free movie streaming site among the other top ranked streaming sites. No doubt it has thousands of different movies. You can watch all types of movies which are listed in the content according to their categories. You’ll get updates every day and month for new or latest movies on demand. You won’t need any registration or sign in to watch movies, it’s totally free to watch in Movie4k. so, you can pick this site as your good option.

  • Streaming Movies

You can go for this site to watch online free movies, because Streaming Movies site placed its name among the top 10 free movies streaming sites. Streaming Movies has unlimited movies and all movies are free to watch in HD quality including some latest shows. You’ll also get updated movies every day. All you need to is to download the supported Flash Player device to play movies in your PC or Tablets. You can select this one as another great free movie streaming site to watch movies.

  • Watch Movies Online

This is a new platform to watch free movies online. Watch Movies Online has also lots of various categories movies in the several contents. You won’t need any registration or “Sign in” to watch free movies through Watch Movies Online. You’ll get many entertainments updated shows in here, and latest movies. You can choose this one as better option to watch movies for free.

However, these are some 5 best free movies streaming sites. No doubt, all the free movies streaming sites are best and highly recommended. You can choose anyone from the above mentioned 5 best free movies streaming sites. You’ll not regret if you go for certain site among those listed sites, because all are most used by millions of people and still going on. Please let me know your opinion by commenting on the box below.